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No doubt you have a very full life that keeps you busy, engaged and maybe even a tad bit chaotic at times. The question is, how are you feeling as you navigate through this journey called life?

Are you strong, energized, fulfilled, confident and glowing? Do you feel in control, organized and empowered? Are you inspired, healthy and motivated, enjoying all that makes you the incredible woman that you were created to be? Well, you deserve to be!

You are a masterpiece filled with purpose, creativity, beauty and talent just waiting to be unlocked, nurtured and released into the wild!

This site and the programs here are designed to help you attain your best life now, unlock your truly unique gifts and experience all that life has to offer! Thank you and welcome!

My Wish For You

More Than Mind and Body is not just a website; it's a destination for inspiration, tools, and techniques designed to support your journey, energize your spirit, and instill you with unshakeable confidence. My own path here spans nearly five decades—a story I'll reveal bit by bit. For now, I invite you to engage at any level that resonates, allowing me to inspire, guide, and coach you. Together, we can journey from good to beyond incredible, with fewer obstacles, less sorrow, and greater clarity than I experienced. My purpose is to serve you. Remember, you are inherently beautiful and destined for happiness, blessings, and abundance beyond your wildest dreams. That is my wish for you.